Plastic tray washing

Besides the storage, the Karzol Logistics Center offers more services like plastic tray cleaning and
sorting. Our operation is closely working with our partner’s production cycles. Our value added
service helps the factory's supply chain in labeling, repackaging and picking. We started our reusable
tray washing service since 2021 with our industrial washing machines. We can provide high quality
washing service so no contamination can enter in the production line. We are washing mostly KLT
plastic crates which is widely used in automotive or in electronics industry.

Our washing service covers the following:

  • Reusable plastic trays sorting and stock building
  • 4 tunnel washers, one of them can take palette size materials
  • Automated fouling cell
  • Sticker removal and bar code printing
  • Full capacity is 1200 KLT box/hour
  • Plastic KLT box washing and cleaning
  • Other size or types of plastic trays washing

Széchenyi 2020