Karzol Logistics Center located in the suburban area of Budapest near the M0 highway

Easy access makes it possible to efficiently manage logistic connections. Own storage area is currently 15.000 m2 and the tallest storage point in the racks is 12,5 meters. The warehouse is suitable for storing products that do not require refrigeration but the warehouse is heat able. Internal and external warehouse capacity including our subcontractors is 30.000 m2.

The own warehouse capacity is 20.000 EUR pallets; it is also possible bulk storage or serial
storage. Docking gates are available at the facility.

For sensitive products, we can also unload the goods inside the warehouse.

We also have a ramp where vehicles can fully fit into the warehouse, thereby increasing loading security.

The warehouse is available 24 hours for customers

Ensuring flexibility and rapid response to market needs.

We can handle orders which received on day A and deliver on day B but upon special request we can deliver on the same day.

Satisfying current market demands

we are at the disposal of our customers with quality services: warehousing, packaging, labeling, storage, forklift and manual loading and customs administration.

Our warehouse management system is suitable for complex logistic service tasks. With its wide range of interfaces, it can communicate with any other enterprise systems.

Our customers can keep track of inventory and provide accurate status of the orders.

Fast and efficient loading of incoming and outgoing goods

We are using CESAB electric forklifts.

Due to the wide range of forklifts we can move and load any kind of material.

In the logistics center 24/7 security guide team operating

The most modern Infra-Barrier Motion Detection System is on-line with independent monitoring services.

Inside and outside of the warehouse camera system was installed to protect the customer’s inventory and our workflow.

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